Board Ranch

This mountain contemporary home is located on the periphery of Ketchum, Idaho and just beyond the ski lift access at Sun Valley. The goals were to create an affordable design to accommodate a young family while taking advantage of this unique site. The large windows, open floor plan and spacious deck allow for the mountain views and surrounding natural beauty to be enjoyed.

*In association with Williams-Partners Architects, John King, Partner and Designer.

Edgemont Residence

Designed to take advantage of the long and narrow site, the Edgemont home runs north to south, preserving the two large trees on the east of the property.  The clients are drawn to the mid-century style and to the indoor/outdoor living this style is known for.  Creating a simple yet distinctive form and multiple scale courtyard spaces that directly interact with the interior spaces of the home is a design imperative.


This home's simplicity is enhanced by the minimal material palette and its clean detailing.

Foothills Residence

Sherman Hollow

Set in the sloping Boise foothills, this 2,700sqft residence presents a modern design complimented by wood accents and ample natural light as well as plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the beautiful surrounding views.

Montour Residence

With 4,777 square feet of main level living, this single- family home also boasts a 1,575 square foot basement and 1,488 square foot three-car garage. This site required demolition and removal of an existing residence and began construction in the summer of 2018.

Heights Drive

Located on a challenging lot in the Boise foothills, this 3,200 square foot residence was designed to capture the views of downtown Boise, Idaho as well as the mountains to the east.  The “boxes” relate to specific rooms of the residence and the large windows maximize the  views as well as allow an abundance of daylight to permeate the home.


*In association with Williams-Partners Architects, John King, Partner and Designer